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LEE Construction Inc.'s reputation is directly attributable to the high quality of its employees. Our greatest strength is the quality of our personnel. Our staff embody our core values: excellence, integrity, and dedication. The men and women of LEE Construction Inc. work in an environment that stimulates creativity, learning, growth, and contributions. This kind of environment can only exist in a place where race, gender, and other such characteristics do not define talent. Instead, we focus on the qualities that really matter—knowledge, experience, and innovation.

Together we work hard to provide a competitively priced product with professional project coordination which is uncommon in the construction industry. The following individuals provide the management for our projects:

Luis E. Enriquez President

Luis' role is to ensure that the project is constructed in a professional and timely manner and in the best interest of the owner and of the project. He directly oversees the day to day operation of the company and personally supervises every aspects of the ongoing works. He started as a field worker and ended as a Project Manager, therefore he is familiar with all aspects of construction. With over 14 years of field and management involvement working for various local companies in the Miami-Dade Area, Luis has a vast experience in a wide range of construction trades and techniques; field and management skills utilizing communication and leadership.

Luis Tarafa Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Tarafa joined LEE Construction Group Inc. in 2008 and is responsible for the day to day financial operations of the company. In addition, he directly oversees the human resources, marketing, legal, and accounting and asset management divisions. Prior to joining our company Mr. Tarafa served as Regional Controller of The Related Group. He has over thirty years of experience in the construction industry and graduate of Florida International University receiving his degree in Bachelor of Accounting.

Stan Hall Business Development Manager

Stan is a former GSA employee, retired after 30 years of service. He worked as property manager for all of Georgia, North Florida and Northern Kentucky and was Atlanta Field Office Manager over Georgia including Federal Courts. He is the person in charge of overseeing federal contracts for the company and handles the marketing strategies and networking for the Federal Government.

Thomas B. Murphy Business Development Manager

Tom graduated from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1974 with a degree in Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. In 2005 he earned a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification which is the project management profession's most recognized and respected global credential. He is a 36 year veteran with the National Park Service and the Denver Service Center with dozens of projects under his belt as a Construction Project Supervisor, Landscape Architect Designer and Supervisor and Senior Project Manager. His extremely valuable field experience enable projects to run smoothly and on schedule, while at the same time he coordinates Federal Contracts and acts as the point person on NPS contracts that he brings to the table.

William Timothy Howell Senior Project Manager

Tim is a Project and Marketing Manager, with vast experience in various historic renovations. He professionally facilitates growth opportunities in government contracting construction management and government owned facility operations solicited under auspices of numerous federal government agencies. He has 35 years of proven experience in construction contracting with his specialty being Government Construction Contract Management.

Yoandris De La Guardia Senior Superintendent

As an on-site superintendent Yoandris brings the benefit of years of "hands on" experience to our projects. He is responsible for smooth and efficient on-site job management, and supervision of both LEE Construction's employees and subcontractors. He assures that quality work is being performed and that the project schedule is maintained and provides management oversight for all phases of the construction project on numerous on-going jobs.

Irene Amaro Office Manager

Irene coordinates office administration, job tracking, subcontractor insurance, vendor records, and assists with accounting functions. Her experience, training and professionalism ensure that LEE Construction Inc. operates smoothly and efficiently.

Eric Santos Project Manager

Eric runs the day-to-day operations on the construction site and controls the short-term schedule. He also supervises the important quality control and subcontractor coordination responsibilities and is responsible for confirming the builder's compliance with the requirements of the building contract and for answering queries in relation to contract matters or other matters related to the construction.